Working for the MAG(azine)

Hello All!

Just an update on a few things I’ve been up to. Firstly, this week an editorial of mine has appeared in the very slick and informative Wisconsin based lifestyle magazine, Isthmus. I have never been to Wisconsin, but it sounds like a pretty fun place. There’s a whole lot of neat arty things going on (and some delicious food if Isthmus is anything to go by!) and I had the pleasure of doodling a little piece to go alongside an article about ‘Play Clubs’.

Never heard of them? Neither had I, go right on ahead and check the article out online (it’s looking real swanky in print too!)

Play Clubs editorial for Isthmus Magazine

Secondly, and this time a little closer to home, another editorial of mine has been doing the rounds in issue two of Union magazine. For those of you who’ve not yet been introduced, Union is a very nice newcomer to the scene of men’s lifestyle mags. It’s a fascinating mix of journalism and sharp, classy photography and I HIGHLY recommend you find a copy. If nothing else for the production values, the use of spot-UV on the cover is just TASTY.

My piece for this one was a little more grown up and serious than my usual fare, but was certainly a ball to make, and a fascinating article to work to. Go right on ahead and check out this little gem, it’s produced by a team with a real passion to bring journalism back to the forefront of men’s mags, and it really does the job with class.

Editorial re Russian Rambos in Union Magazine

And Finally, in the world of drawing things and pretending it’s a real job, I have some super great news!

Getting back to my comic book roots, I’ve been making a few shorties recently that have been featuring on my site. Things like this and this and this.

These little fables have not gone unnoticed by those clever and observant folk at Broken Frontier, who’s passion and commitment to finding and championing the best new talent contemporary comics have to offer, still continues to astound me.

In a new feature, begun 2015, the team have picked 6 promising small press comic makers to hone in on and expose for the talent they really are. Last years bastions boast an impressive list from the shores of the UK and I highly suggest you take a peek here.

However, while their work continues to grow from strength to strength, it comes to our attention that is, in fact, now 2016. The new batch have just been released and, guess who is apparently a talent to watch this year?

Well it’s only bloomin’ yours truly isn’t it!

Check out the full collection of marvelous storytellers (and me!) here and why BF claim we may well be worthy of keeping an eye on this year.

And before my ego grows too big to fathom, I would also just like to thank the Broken Frontier team for having such faith in the things I make. I will absolutely do my best not to let you down, so keep your eyes glued to the site for odds and sods and let’s have a productive 2016!

Over and OUT


Brand Spankin’ New Comic, Unterwegs!

That means ‘on the way’ to us, not German folks.

Which is funny, as that was the name of my last short comic.

Anyhoo, I’ve been doing lots and lots of illustration things recently and a lot less comic things. And it has not gone unnoticed by the lovely, interesting people of the indie comic scene.

So, at the behest of these great people, I am now returning to the realms of comics and thing making a short NEARLY WORDLESS (oh yus) six page comic for your visual consumption.

I don’t want to say too much (I mean, it’s only 6 pages. If I sneeze I’ll have pretty much have given it away) but I thought I’d upload a few odds and ends from the story in progress to whet those appetites.

Enjoy, not long to wait. Plan is to unveil around September time.

Sit tight.

Page 2 snippet Page 3 Catch comic ad image

Me loving Broken Frontier Loving Free Comics!

They’re at it again! The Broken Frontier boys are gracing the internet with a wee bit of Bagley love and spreading the joy of my, and others’ short, fun and utterly FREE comic goodies.

It’s a neat little post that showcases some definite ones to pay a visit to, including the twisted and Brilliant EdieOP, Elizabeth Querstet and Team Girl Comic…as well as saying some nice things about little old me!

Check these guys out, holding the comic bok fort from the XX chromosome end of the scale!

Interview Number Two! This time at Design Juices

If you’re not fed up of my wordpress witterings,

And have still yet to tire of my twitterings,

Read more about me in this interview

I did for Design Juices who, just like you,

Seemed interested in me and the work I do.

I’ve tried to be interesting and not to bore you!

Horray for poetry!

No seriously though, the good, kind folk at Design Juices have been working hard, as always to bring you the news from the mouths of folk like me…and this time IS me. It’s my second online interview published in a few weeks (The first can be found here at Broken Frontier)

Broken Frontier Interview!

Okay, let’s all play the head inflation game.

It goes like this, I shout about me a lot, and you read my interview on Broken Frontier in which we explore the ins and outs of my creative processes to be found here, and then I feel special and my head explodes.


No? Okay well, if you like art and you’re interested in comics check it out anyway.

And if nothing else, the questions are really interesting!!

The Spotlight’s all on ME!

Okay, I promise you NEW work, BUT FIRST check this out!

My first ever online inteview brought to you by them clever fellas over at Broken Frontier!

Big thanks to the guys, especially Andy who saw value in my work enough to wanna know ALL ABOUT IT! And with any luck you do to! So go get an insight into my noodle and why I do the things I do and I promise I’ll reward you with shiny new things soon!

‘Tick’ named one of the Top Ten Indie comics of 2012!

Do you know what you NEED to own? You NEED to own my graphic novel, Tick. This is not a suggestion or a request, it’s a fact.

I know this, because the internet told me so. The Internet, in all it’s all-knowing glory, has come down this Christmas time in the form of Comic Community site Broken Frontier, with the flattering news that my work has been included in their Top Ten List of the best indie comics of 2012.

How about THAT?

So why not just treat yourself this Christmas and check it out here. Consider it a treat for having survived the end of the world.

Festive love to all and all that jazz.



Rumble! Reviewed On Broken Frontier!!

For those of you that don’t know it, Broken Frontier is a comics and community site that offers some ace interviews, reviews and general info on the world of comics, be it the big stuff or the indie kids like me. It’s an awesome hub of comics information and a great place to discover anything and everything graphic. It is, as you may have gathered, really pretty great.

This fact (because that’s what it is. Indisputable.) is not soley based on the fact that they gave me a kick ass review (see here) a few months back, BUT IT SURE DOES HELP! And they have, once more, upped their position in my self indulgence related “websites I think are ace” stakes by ONLY BLOODY DOING IT AGAIN!

The oh-so-very complimentary fellas over at BF have been having a flick throught the pages of Rumble and, as a result, have decided to go all-out anthropomorphism-lovin’ in Andy Oliver’s small press column here.

I’m literally stunned at the extent of their praise, and so dang happy, I’ve only gone and blogged about this twice. Once on the website, and again now for you blog-lovers.

Seriously, give that website a big ol’ browse. I can guarantee you’ll find something enjoyable if you’re, even remotely, excited by cool artwork and wicked narratives.

And if you’re not, just read my review BECAUSE IT’S SO DAMN COOL 😀