me!Rebecca Bagley is a freelance illustrator and writer, currently based in Bath, England.

Graduating with a First Class Honours in Graphic Communication, Rebecca stepped into the world of children’s publishing as an assistant designer. She is known to still design for children’s publishing from time to time, but primarily makes herself busy by colouring things in like a real, grown up freelance illustrator.  She likes to make pictures that tells stories; from single image editorial pieces to book illustration and sequential work.

Sometimes caught referring to herself in third person, she is currently investing a lot of time in learning to like Green tea.





She has drawn things for lots of places, including:

Faber and Faber
The Museum of London
IceHouse Design
Union Features
GoZen Ltd

And was selected as one of the 2016 Cheltenham Illustration Awards winners. Horray!


To get in touch, discuss a project or simply say hi, please email Rebecca directly at bagleyart@startmail.com

hunt her down her on instagram, facebook or twitter

Or contact her agent in the world of picture books books, Jodie Hodges at United Agents.