‘Tick’ named one of the Top Ten Indie comics of 2012!

Do you know what you NEED to own? You NEED to own my graphic novel, Tick. This is not a suggestion or a request, it’s a fact.

I know this, because the internet told me so. The Internet, in all it’s all-knowing glory, has come down this Christmas time in the form of Comic Community site Broken Frontier, with the flattering news that my work has been included in their Top Ten List of the best indie comics of 2012.

How about THAT?

So why not just treat yourself this Christmas and check it out here. Consider it a treat for having survived the end of the world.

Festive love to all and all that jazz.



4 thoughts on “‘Tick’ named one of the Top Ten Indie comics of 2012!

    1. Well thanks very much! Yeah it’s always nice to feel your work has been appreciated by someone. It is indeed very nice to not be kaput, means we have much more time to discover more graphic novels! If you do go ahead and get one, let me know what you think!

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