Video Resources

Puffin Draw Along Video

Join Rachel Valentine and Rebecca Bagley on the Puffin Youtube channel! Read their book, Don’t Mess with a Princess with Rachel then get creative with Rebecca, drawing the characters. A perfect activity for all ages.


Faber Booktime Draw Along Video

Harry Heape and Rebecca Bagley invite you to share in the bakers world of Shiny Pippin on the Faber and Faber children’s Youtube channel! Harry will introduce you to Shiny Pippin and the Broken Forest with a reading and a peek inside Granny’s backpack, then you can crack out the pencils with Rebecca, drawing one of Pippin’s very special friends from the book. A perfect activity for young book lovers.


Print Resources

Thanks so much to the children’s team at Faber and Faber for putting together these fantastic
Shiny Pippin worksheets!