Interview Number Two! This time at Design Juices

If you’re not fed up of my wordpress witterings,

And have still yet to tire of my twitterings,

Read more about me in this interview

I did for Design Juices who, just like you,

Seemed interested in me and the work I do.

I’ve tried to be interesting and not to bore you!

Horray for poetry!

No seriously though, the good, kind folk at Design Juices have been working hard, as always to bring you the news from the mouths of folk like me…and this time IS me. It’s my second online interview published in a few weeks (The first can be found here at Broken Frontier)

Unleashing my Inner-Poet

Tonight I was inspired to write a haiku. I’ve been enjoying the beautiful gift that is this weather this past few days, and in doing so I think I’ve unlocked a new potential for new forms of creativity. I’ve attempted to capture those familiar associations we all have of the summer. Let me know what you think.

“To the insect that

Found sustenance in my blood:

I hope you are dead.”

Now bear with me, I’m new to this poetry business. But I think I may be onto something here.

Happy Summertime.