Rumble! Reviewed On Broken Frontier!!

For those of you that don’t know it, Broken Frontier is a comics and community site that offers some ace interviews, reviews and general info on the world of comics, be it the big stuff or the indie kids like me. It’s an awesome hub of comics information and a great place to discover anything and everything graphic. It is, as you may have gathered, really pretty great.

This fact (because that’s what it is. Indisputable.) is not soley based on the fact that they gave me a kick ass review (see here) a few months back, BUT IT SURE DOES HELP! And they have, once more, upped their position in my self indulgence related “websites I think are ace” stakes by ONLY BLOODY DOING IT AGAIN!

The oh-so-very complimentary fellas over at BF have been having a flick throught the pages of Rumble and, as a result, have decided to go all-out anthropomorphism-lovin’ in Andy Oliver’s small press column here.

I’m literally stunned at the extent of their praise, and so dang happy, I’ve only gone and blogged about this twice. Once on the website, and again now for you blog-lovers.

Seriously, give that website a big ol’ browse. I can guarantee you’ll find something enjoyable if you’re, even remotely, excited by cool artwork and wicked narratives.

And if you’re not, just read my review BECAUSE IT’S SO DAMN COOL 😀

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