My Life of Print!

I promise not to ramble on for this one. I’ll just deliver the goods and set you on your way. But CHECK OUT how many prints I have!!

Everything I've made in the past few months. It covered the entirety of my floor!


Magpies and Robots! Quick, A6 lino-cuts I made on the last day of Uni before Easter! Printed on a vast array of second hand papers.


I couldn't afford real print they're on coloured card and metallics.


Not even half of them! Hopefully you can see where I've played around with ink levels during the print process to get different effects. All 100% unique!

Okay, enough of this print making mania now. I’ve gone on about it long enough. Time to get obsessed with something new. Hhmmm…typography next?



3 thoughts on “My Life of Print!

  1. I can’t believe I didn’t know this wordpress existed! Schneaky schneaky… Ohhhhh please please please can I please have your sqrrirrel print, remember the ones you offered to me and Alex before your birthday? I’ll keep it ever so safe! This blog is my new procrastination fodder. YESSSSS. I like that man with the glasses, impressive amount of stuff Bags and very decent prints. Impressed.

    1. Yeah turns out I’m quite the fan of pouring my little heart out on the internet. It’s very self indulgent this one, I tend to literally only talk about ME and MY WORK, not like yours where you’re a proper art student and actually look at art and things. I was going to write a little thing about Pick Me Up, but was so disappointed I didn’t have the heart nor inclination.
      Watched a very irritating show about Damien Hirst the other day though, where Noel Fielding just shuffled nervously around acting like a giggly school girl, playing with his hair and desperately begging for Hirst’s acknowledgements, while every so often desperately throwing in “I STUDIED ART” in the hope it may spark some kind of connection. It was an embarrassment.
      Might write something about that…oh wait….that’s sort of it.

      Your websites looking ace by the way. Very proud.

      1. according to uni I’m meant to talk more about ME and MY WORK, but unfortunately I don’t have a lot of it to talk about at the mo! baadddd. My blog has gone silent as I have little inclination to do so either…bahh!

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