Things I make for People I Like

Very quickly, while we’ve been discussing how very, excellently generous I am (I AM.) I thought I’d throw up a few creations of mine that have landed themselves in the laps of others at various present giving occassions.

A little Sleepy Fox and a Lizard Majig. Because a drink is just SO cliche on your 21st.

The two tiny felties were lifted from the rather lovely book, Felties by Nelly Pailloux as a little gift for an old housemate of mine a year or so ago.

The perfect Servant for a foodie on his birthday. With the added twist of a robot-fanatic.

The Chef, however, is all the work of my own little noodle and came about as a red herring gift for Matthews 25th before the presentation of his comic.

He lives here now. On the curtain above Matt’s workspace. Doing Robot and Chef stuff

Although there is a safety pin on the back, I hadn’t intended for Robo Chef to be a birthday badge, more just a silly gift to make Matty smile. That didn’t stop him from wearing him proudly on his shirt for the entirety of his birthday weekend though, including into the rather posh restaurant we went to for dinner, something the waiting staff seemed a little bamboozled by.

Bless the boy, I find it a little warming on the inside that, in the name of supporting my work and encouraging my odd excuse for creativity, he is more than happy to walk around looking like a bit of a twat. Long may it continue, embarrassment is for total suckers.



My Life of Print!

I promise not to ramble on for this one. I’ll just deliver the goods and set you on your way. But CHECK OUT how many prints I have!!

Everything I've made in the past few months. It covered the entirety of my floor!


Magpies and Robots! Quick, A6 lino-cuts I made on the last day of Uni before Easter! Printed on a vast array of second hand papers.


I couldn't afford real print they're on coloured card and metallics.


Not even half of them! Hopefully you can see where I've played around with ink levels during the print process to get different effects. All 100% unique!

Okay, enough of this print making mania now. I’ve gone on about it long enough. Time to get obsessed with something new. Hhmmm…typography next?



Good News Everyone!

Guess what?

Following the success of Tick‘s first book Signing event in Dorking and the subsequent sales, the very nice peoples of Waterstones have agreed to give me another in not one, but TWO more of their stores within the area! I am very pleased to announce that Tick will once more be sold with my nice, shiny signature in both the Guildford and Redhill branches before Christmas.

Although great, this is somewhat awkward as I have since moved to Bath and these places are now far away places and not really local at all. But hey, and event is an event!


If you fancy (and you know you do) making a trip to see me and nabbing a first edition copy for yourself, you can find me at:

Waterstones Guildford

(71-73 Highstreet)

Sunday 6th November


Or, if you fancy leaving the Christmas shopping a bit later:


Waterstones Redhill

(12-13 Belfry Centre)

Saturday 3rd December

So dig out your pennies and get your robot on, I expect to see you there!

B x