Hope your Easter Monday was EGGselent!

Ah Easter.

That brilliant time of year where you either get a potential 4 days off work, or you all get confused about what day does and doesn’t count as some form of bank holiday. Or which ones hold some kind of Religious significance or not. Like, Which day did Jesus die again? Or is it about now he was coming back? And what does the egg mean again?

…and where do rabbits come into all this?

This is the problem with basing your life around archaic texts that keep contradicting themselves, it’s very hard to keep track of things (BOOM).

But, in all seriousness, Easter is a very confusing time for me. I don’t hold a great deal of significance around it, given that I’m quite happily atheist and I don’t really eat chocolate and I just find cream eggs that little bit too sickly. I guess, for me, it’s all a bit of a non event.

This year is no (egg)ception to this. While my flatmates have all gone to their respective families, I’ve been a bit of a Sad Winston here and have instead spent the weekend hand washing my clothes, with Indesign as my only friend.

The Joy of being a student.

So, last night, in an attempt to get into the mood and out of my cynical rut, I sat down and did a good old fashioned drawing for Easter.

Biro + photoshop x loneliness = err...messed up

Ah. Hmm, well okay, on second viewing it’s not QUITE as successful at celebrating the holiday as I perhaps would have hoped. Still, there’s always Christmas right?

Hopefully you’ve all had chirpier weekends than I. Go eat an egg or something.



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