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Two things, firstly I have entered another image into the Creative Safari competition! Treat Time!

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New entry!

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In payment for this, I’ve done some new things i though I’d share with you before popping them onto the folio. Here are a few new images for you to gander at:

It's Saturday!


There’s some more coming this week too, so stay tuned and stay cool.

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I’ve just entered the Creative Safari open competition for Ohh Deer.

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House Of Illustration and Folio Society: A collection of Ghost Stories!

As the Folio Society continues to pump out books so beautiful I dribble a little bit, in their honor I decided to knock out a few pieces in line with their yearly competition (previous entry seen here).

Three illustrations and a book jacket design for their next publication; and this year the book is a collection of short, Victorian ghost stories, all with varying themes and settings but linked together by a whole lotta scary.

So here’s what I got. Not so traditional but hopefully still dark and tingly making!Thomas Abbot Ghost Story Illustration

The Treasure of Thomas Abbot by M.R James

The Upper Berth Ghost story IllustrationThe Upper Berth by F Marion Crawford

The Empty House Ghost Story IllustrationThe Tale of the Empty House by E F Benson

Ghost Stories Cover DesignAnd the jacket design. This had to be simple with limited colours to be printed onto cloth. Instructions also dictated that there should be no information on the cover itself, but space for the logo and anthology title on the spine.

Okay so it hasn’t won, but it was a nice project to work on, and excellent portfolio builder and most importantly, gave me an great excuse to curl up under a blanket get involved in some classic creepies!

The shortest comic yet! I promise they’ll stop shrinking now…

Okay, so I entered the world of comics a few years ago with the creation of Tick. It was a 40 page illustrated tale that I, then, referred to as a “short story about a robot” (I said a bit more than that actually, but that was the gist of it.)

Since then, here have been a few more additions to the comic repertoire, all of which have fallen somewhat shorter of Tick’s initial short-story-that-have-since-turned-out-to-be-quite-colossal page number credentials, mainly brought about by various competition restrictions. There have been some four page comics like this and this, a two page comic like this and now, as of yesterday, we’re really getting silly.

I’m pretty sure this is the pinnacle now of my short story shortness, at least without full on committing to the world of comic strips; a place I just don’t think I have an affinity for, given my perpetual subscription to the religion of Overkill.

Yes, yesterdays project and entry to the Thought Bubble Short Story Competition, was a one page comic. A short narrative begun, middled and ended on one single sheet of lansdcape A4, and subsequently probably my trickiest one yet.


It went against everything I know and every natural instinct I have when creating sequential pieces but I did my best and, if nothing else, feel like I learned a lot in the process.

I hope you enjoy it anyway, I’m now off to invest in some “story-grow” to help bring my poor, withering page-count back to life.

A Comic about Things and the Number One Reason Why I Need a Slap

Anterograde amnesia is a form of amnestic disorder.

According to the mental health professional’s handbook, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders , fourth edition, text revision (2000), also known as DSM-IV-TR, it is characterised by the sufferer’s inability to retain new memories or learn new information based on experience. This would make it very difficult to use any information gained through personal experience to alter the sufferer’s actions in their future endeavours. They are, essentially, unable to learn from their past mistakes.

I’m informing you of this, very interesting and clever sounding information (that I have, just now, stolen from the internet), because I think I must have this condition. Why else would I be so, totally one hundred percent incapable? Other than the fact I am just, literally a twat.

Unlike most people of sound minds, I seem to be completely and utterly incapable of learning from my mistakes, specifically with regards to the time management of personal projects, (illustrated best by this time, this time or, indeed, this time) and taking the necessary steps in ensuring that I DON’T DO THAT AGAIN.

Case and point: I have just this week recovered after five consecutive days of sleep deprivation and manic photoshopping induced finger strain, in an attempt to knock together the four page comic I have been thinking about making for about two months. The operative word here being thinking. I have known about a competition for a four page comic for the full length of this time and for the entirety of it, have had the well-meaning intention to enter. I started of pretty well, I wrote it. Then I did the first storyboard for the first page…about a month later. Then I put it off like an absolute champ until the week before deadline.

Oh yeah, and it was postal entry so completion time was pretty crucial in order to get it there in time. Brilliant.

And thus began the next installment in the, worryingly frequent, let’s-not-sleep-for-a-few-bajillion-hours-so-we-can-finish-this-work-that-really-should-have-been-done-at-least-three-days-ago saga.

And this is what I bring you today. The fruits of my most recent labour, made much harder by my own idiocies and disregard for my poor, suffering body’s basic need for sleep.

I don’t know if it’s a form of unassuming arrogance or simply a branch of unquestionable stupidity, but it’s getting seriously ridiculous the extent of which I will leave the things I want to do in favour of  doing, just about, anything else.

I managed it yes. I finished four pages of narrative and I submitted it, within the time restraints of the competition. And it’s not the worst comic ever made. But it could, and more to the point SHOULD have been better. Much better. I should have had the time to redo the first storyboard as a storyboard and not had to rework it on the final page. I should have had the time to find a font that suited the tale better than the, pretty sorry, collection I work from currently, downloaded it and implemented it. I should have had the time to rework the text so that the first page wasn’t so unbalanced in terms of the relationship between text and image (you know, kinda the most important aspect of a graphic novel.) Shoulda. Woulda. Coulda. Because I DID actually have that time. And I frittered it away baking cakes and complaining about my summer project.

And now it is done. And that means it cannot be undone, at least until Marty Mcfly realises that he definitely is wasting his time with Jennifer and is willing to spring forward to 2012 and marry me, whisking me away in our badass time machine (this will happen after he realises he’s fed up of being a fictional character and ready to take the steps into the realms of reality), at which point I can find past me and give me a good slap, shouting “DO SOME WORK NOW” in my own face.

Until that moment, I’m going to have to settle with LEARNING from what has gone before and NOT leaving everything that is not of immediate importance until it is, at which point it’s too late for it to reach it’s full potential.

Well I can dream. There’s a definite possibility here, that I am actually just doomed.