The shortest comic yet! I promise they’ll stop shrinking now…

Okay, so I entered the world of comics a few years ago with the creation of Tick. It was a 40 page illustrated tale that I, then, referred to as a “short story about a robot” (I said a bit more than that actually, but that was the gist of it.)

Since then, here have been a few more additions to the comic repertoire, all of which have fallen somewhat shorter of Tick’s initial short-story-that-have-since-turned-out-to-be-quite-colossal page number credentials, mainly brought about by various competition restrictions. There have been some four page comics like this and this, a two page comic like this and now, as of yesterday, we’re really getting silly.

I’m pretty sure this is the pinnacle now of my short story shortness, at least without full on committing to the world of comic strips; a place I just don’t think I have an affinity for, given my perpetual subscription to the religion of Overkill.

Yes, yesterdays project and entry to the Thought Bubble Short Story Competition, was a one page comic. A short narrative begun, middled and ended on one single sheet of lansdcape A4, and subsequently probably my trickiest one yet.


It went against everything I know and every natural instinct I have when creating sequential pieces but I did my best and, if nothing else, feel like I learned a lot in the process.

I hope you enjoy it anyway, I’m now off to invest in some “story-grow” to help bring my poor, withering page-count back to life.