House Of Illustration and Folio Society: A collection of Ghost Stories!

As the Folio Society continues to pump out books so beautiful I dribble a little bit, in their honor I decided to knock out a few pieces in line with their yearly competition (previous entry seen here).

Three illustrations and a book jacket design for their next publication; and this year the book is a collection of short, Victorian ghost stories, all with varying themes and settings but linked together by a whole lotta scary.

So here’s what I got. Not so traditional but hopefully still dark and tingly making!Thomas Abbot Ghost Story Illustration

The Treasure of Thomas Abbot by M.R James

The Upper Berth Ghost story IllustrationThe Upper Berth by F Marion Crawford

The Empty House Ghost Story IllustrationThe Tale of the Empty House by E F Benson

Ghost Stories Cover DesignAnd the jacket design. This had to be simple with limited colours to be printed onto cloth. Instructions also dictated that there should be no information on the cover itself, but space for the logo and anthology title on the spine.

Okay so it hasn’t won, but it was a nice project to work on, and excellent portfolio builder and most importantly, gave me an great excuse to curl up under a blanket get involved in some classic creepies!