What I’ve been up to

Hello everyone!

Just thought I’d share a few links to new places that are talking about my work at the moment!

Firstly, I’ve had a mention and lovely little interview featured in this month’s Frrresh magazine. This is a great little monthly, digital number that is a complete goldmine of new and up and coming talent and I highly suggest you check it out. There’s a fantastic mix of works in every issue and it really is a ‘something for everyone’ kind of deal.

View issue 33, in which I feature here, and thanks again to the lovely people behind the scenes who kick-started my Christmas season with this little inclusion!


Next up, I was contacted a short time ago by Thortful, a new, very handy greetings card website, devoted to championing good artists through their high quality prints. They have a fab range going on at the moment, including some really quirky little designs and I highly suggest you take a peek at the cards on offer.

They were good enough to invite me to be one of their featured artists for their launch so if you browse their impressive library, you’ll find a few little tidbits from me hidden among the plethora of good stuff on show.

It’s a great service for that mad Christmas rush, quick and handy with a really neat little app you can download for easy access (you know, for those times when you’re out and suddenly remembered that you definitely forgot someone far too important to have forgotten.)

Their blog is also a great place to discover a little more about the artists involved, and if you’d like to check out my interview (and I think you should.) go ahead and take a peek, here.

One final note, just to say too that there’s plenty of new work of mine on the portfolio sections of this website so do stop by and browse through my children and teen works.

I hope you’re all beginning to get festive and I’ll be uploading this years Christmas Creations soon!

Happy December everyone!

Right, I’m officially a Freelancer, the internet told me so: Creative DIgest Feature!

As I sit here, doing my freelance thing, drinking a coffee in my slippers, at my desk and wondering if I did remember to clean my teeth or not this morning, an email pops into my life.

It’s the Creative Digest newsletter, one of the many creative signups I’ve subscribed to over the years. Nothing new there.

The email details what’s going on on the website this week, new features, new tips for existing as a creative and then BAM what’s hiding at the bottom? ME!

Yes friends, My Creative Digest Showcase is well and truly doing the rounds! So if you fancy catching up on me, my life and everything, read Aaaaalllabbadit here:


Thanks again to the lovely folk at Creative Digest, and do check out their website. It’s full of hidden gems for people like me who decided to try not getting a real job.

Peace out


p.s I do actually work at home, I’m not just drinking coffee.