Right, I’m officially a Freelancer, the internet told me so: Creative DIgest Feature!

As I sit here, doing my freelance thing, drinking a coffee in my slippers, at my desk and wondering if I did remember to clean my teeth or not this morning, an email pops into my life.

It’s the Creative Digest newsletter, one of the many creative signups I’ve subscribed to over the years. Nothing new there.

The email details what’s going on on the website this week, new features, new tips for existing as a creative and then BAM what’s hiding at the bottom? ME!

Yes friends, My Creative Digest Showcase is well and truly doing the rounds! So if you fancy catching up on me, my life and everything, read Aaaaalllabbadit here:


Thanks again to the lovely folk at Creative Digest, and do check out their website. It’s full of hidden gems for people like me who decided to try not getting a real job.

Peace out


p.s I do actually work at home, I’m not just drinking coffee.