NEW Etsy Store and Christmas SALE!

So, having truly ingratiated myself with social media this year or so, with full on love affair with Twitter, increased and growing commitment to facebook and more recently a shiny, new Instagram, I have FINALLY opened an Etsy store!

Having rekindled my love of taking part in conventions and arts fairs again in October, I’m getting digital with it, with the grand opening of my new shop! Woot woot!


I plan to sell all number of printed, illustrated things, primarily prints, cards and zines so keep your eyes peeled for fresh new doodles! Also, if you have requests for prints from my website portfolio, don’t hesitate to get in touch and I’ll see what I can do.

In keeping with this exciting news AND the fact that it’s that generous time of year I though it only fair to run a Celebratory SALE! I’m selling my Christmas Cards off for just £1 with first class shipping on all items in store right up until Christmas!



If you, like me, have left things shamefully late, get involved and pick up some neat new bits and pieces!

My Store is BagleyArt, so stop over and say hello!





Two of the Best Stores in London: And I’m WELL IN THERE

Calling all you London Dwellers!

Be it because you live there, be it for funsies, be it for the Olympics or just because you couldn’t escape in time for the Olympics, if you’re kicking you heels anywhere near Leicester Square sometime soon, pop into Orbital on Great Newport St or Gosh!, found on the corner of Berwick St.

Seriously, do it. They’re two of the best examples of comic and zine stores in this country, crammed full of awesome and, as of this week, my work’s also apart of it.

HellzYeah! I’m stocked in London. Boom. Baby.

For a full analysis of this story, kindly refer your little internet hungry eyes here, where the News section of my Website will tell you all you need to know, with a few more bright and shiny photos for good measure.

Oh alright, you can have one more here too.

Orbital 8 Great Newport Street

So yellow.