Once, Monday Happened.

Last week on Monday it was Halloween (and yeah okay, it was a week ago, but I’ve been busy with BOOK SIGNINGS and things.) So when we got set our M(one)day project, I thought I’d enter into the spirit and encourage this special time of shameless commercialism, legal begging and overplanned and usually overated parties…with a bit of decapitation!

Our brief was simple: Draw around a part or parts of your body and use the inside to present your personality, however it was stressed that we shouldn’t over-think it. It was supposed to be a simple, spontaneous piece (I think) that was achievable within the time restraints of one day that shouldn’t be too bogged down with “being too clever” (for realz).

So there I am. A severed head full of lots of little bits of stuff that I like to spend my time obsessing over (with a decent emphasis on robotics). I thought about going down the route of conveying all aspects of myself and focusing on emotion and all that jazz but plain and simple “things I like” was way more fun to draw and to be honest, a damn sight more cheerful. And let’s face it, I’ve already cut my own head off, I don’t really want to drag things any further down depression alley.

Originally there was going to be some colour, but the whole time thing got in the way so it ended up in good old fashioned B and W.  Still, something to consider for later.

Not the deepest piece of work in the world, but still pretty fun and a welcome return to drawing little things you want to draw as opposed to photographing drains.