Fancy another photocopier based one day project?

Of course you do!

Okay, so have a look at these little fellas.

Right, so this one was a fun little project. Using these  images, make some animals!

The cast of our little petting zoo had to be: A Dog, a Cat, a Monkey and a Bird.

Other than that it was up to us what we did (ie breeds etc were a free for all) and we could represent them however we liked.

So, wanna see what I did?

I started off with a pretty literal illustration with this little guy. The photocopier was duly employed for some enlargement fun.


Still quite figurative, although lacking limbs obviously. I cheated a bit with the tale and cut up the symbols past any real recognition (aside from the phone). I’d change that, in retrospect.


Starting to get a little more abstract now, reducing it down to the bare bones while still trying to suggest the breed I was thinking of.


Although a bit of a rush job (can you tell?? lol) I found it quite funny. Everytime I go back to my parents’ place, this is how my cats greet me; Butt in the face.

Cheers guys.

I also inverted the colours on the photocopier. For some reason it seems to work better in black and white as opposed to white and black.

So yeah, it was a nice, easy going fun one to get us in the mood for christmas.

If we’re lucky, we might get some projects that aren’t wholly dependant on the photocopier next term…

Actually I’m not holding my breath.