Catch up! Zines and things the Bristol way!

Continuing with my mass recap of the past few months, I needed to throw in a holla to the comics world! I’ve been doing lots of things recently, and early October not only kept me busy getting inspired, but also saw me taking a jaunt back into the comics world. I’d fallen out of conventioning and whatnot, concentrating mainly on the publishing shebang BUT when you hear about an indie zine fest pretty much on your doorstep…well I figured why not?


The standard, late night of a hand made sesh.


The BCZF was a ball. It was everything I’d enjoyed about conventions to begin with; passionate people from all walks of life getting together and sharing what they make. There were students, seasoned pros, newbies and hobbyists and everyone stopped to have a natter. I met ARMFULS of friendly folk and saw even more jaw dropping artistry.

The venue was ace. It was an old fire station so I felt like I’d fallen out of Ghostbusters (the original. Let’s not talk about the new one.)


My Table. It’s always so neat looking right at the start…

A bunch of my old mates from the early days of London zine-ing were kicking about to catch up with (special mentions have to go to the incredibly talented Rozi HathawayRozi Hathaway, Ed Chevertone and Aisling Marray; TEAM EXTOIRDINAIRE and, as ever, the wonderful Andy Oliver of Broken Frontier who has the nose of a frickin’ bloodhound when it comes to new, comic talent!) But I also had the joy of adding more shiny, new names to my ever evolving list of inspiring people I’ve been lucky enough to get to know.


Huge thanks again to Lee, who not only makes awesome, authentically oldschool zines, but who put up with my mad natterings the whole day like a REAL sport (and they really were quite mad.)fest4

So yeah, my return to the convention scene was ace. My work has transformed a lot since the old days, but people were as welcoming of my new stuff as I could have hoped for.


Last minute scoring, folding, packing and swearing aside, zine fairs will always hold a place in my heart and I would ALWAYS encourage curious artists to give them a whirl.



Editorial Things

I have a riddle for you.

What do Amir Kahn, a bowl of oats and a gravitionally challenged housewife in Bristol have in common?

Okay, absolutely nothing, but they’re two examples of some works I did recently based on some editorial articles.

Amir Kahn editorial illustration

The Amir Kahn one is primarily just a bit of portraiture, because I haven’t done any in a long time. That and I’ve got a bit of boxing THING where I just like drawing characters who are potentially going to punch things in the face.

It was a really short piece on how he’d “vowed [he’d] earn” a fight with Floyd Mayweather after he canned him off following Kahn’s meeting with Collazo. The language of it all made it sound kind of like he was following a code of honor, so I dragged in some imagery reminiscent of Japanese/ samurai bent to give it a bit of a vibe.

kahnI’m undecided at the minute, but I think I might can the bag. It works just as a nice bit of portraiture. The text can fill in the blanks.

Then there was a piece I found in Bristol Magazine, the local lifestyle glossy.

It was an advertisement for oats, “The Superfood of the Kitchen” and just said how good they are for you. There was a lot of mention of health and lifestyle “balance” and Bristolians love a good bit of hippy culture, so here’s what I got.

Oats editorial illustrationJust another excuse to draw some nice things really.

But, of course, regardless of all this silly picture stuff, the question remains…

Why IS a raven like a writing desk?

No, okay I’ll stop that now.

Peace out.