Published in Stew Magazine!

I got an exciting thingy in the post this weekend! It was a copy of Stew Magazine, a really nice little arty magazine for children. It covers a range of topics and is a pretty educational deal, but it’s real draw for me is it’s emphasis on really bloomin’ nice art. Every edition is packed with contemporary illustrators that really help bring it to life. Edu-tainment indeed.

So, that in itself is reason enough for the lovely postie popping it through my door to be a pretty nifty ordeal. But this edition, is a special edition. This edition is a contributor edition ladies and gents. Oh yes.


Stew magazine Illustration

Yep, there it is. My work, in print, doing what work does. I always think it’s pretty exciting to see stuff in print and to have bits and bobs in a nice little mag like Stew is especially nice.

It really is a grand magazine, and there’s oddles of talent to be found. If you haven’t already, I really would check it out.

Especially this months.

Just sayin’.

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