My Work Doing Things!

Yeah, okay I got lazy over Christmas.

But once again, I bring you stuff and things from the world of Bex! Don’t pretend you’re not excitied.

A little while ago I was asked to do a bit of work for the BSU magazine Milk, and today is “oh yeah, I should check and see if my stuff is online” day and, lo and behold…it is!


Thanks to the good people of Milk, my work is circling the interwebs, this time in the form of an online magazine. Quite a nice one too.

If you would be so, very kind as to follow this link:

You will see a little illustration I did to accompany a review of the Big Bang Theory, and if you follow THIS link:

Look! Lots of work you’ve probably seen before in a section all about me! Horray!

It’s always nice to see your work showcased, especially by such a nice bunch as the students at Milk, many thanks goes out to those guys for putting it all together and making it all look so shiny.

AND, if THAT wasn’t enough for you, there’s also been THIS bad boy just gone to print:

Which, if you are a good enough person to buy it, houses this cheeky little snippet in the gallery section at the back:


Yep, Dave West of Accent was good enough to give my work a little thumbs up in the back of his newest release.

It’s a top notch read aswell, I highly recommend to everyone and anyone. As a series of shorts there really is something for everyone in there. (That’s not even just because I get a mention either.)

Long may this work thing continue, and yes, there is more of it coming your way very soon, I promise.

Peace out



3 thoughts on “My Work Doing Things!

  1. Hello Rebecca,
    Thought I’d pop in and take a peek at some more of your work. If I ever need an illustrator I know who’s door I’ll be knocking on first. Thanks for giving milk magazine a mention in your post, the guys will be chuffed.
    Consider yourself followed. 😉


    P.s if you ever need an editor for your work. nudge nudge. Tee, Hee!

      1. Weren’t they just Rebecca? But I think it was your creative input on Showcase, that really help to make it shine. That’s my opinion, but then I’m biased. ;o)

        Take care and hope you do well. Will look in from time to time.


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