Another Late Night Creation…

Ok so like good little students my flatmates and I have entered into the christmas spirit with the time-honoured, empty wallet tradition of the Secret Santa.

Now admittedly the limit is only a measly £5 BUT, I am A PROPER student, by which I mean a massive, massive cheap skate. So, with this in mind I sat down last night (at some god awful hour) and made my poor, unsuspecting flatmate her sorry excuse for a festive gift.

She is, by all intents and purposes, a massive comic book nerd (and way better at it than me) so this was pretty much the starting point for this absurd creature…

Yes. It’s a Zebra who is a super hero. And it’s made of socks. Because let’s face it, what’s worse than getting socks at Christmas?

Getting stuffed socks you can’t wear THAT’S what!

He’s made from 2 trainer socks from H&M and is based on a similar (but less bizarre) sock zebra by Daniel Liao (found in the book Stray Sock Sewing.)  I had to adapt the design as I didn’t have the correct type of socks…and mine is a super hero obviously.

And yes, I actually did make a tiny Zebra Super Hero comic book for him to read…because I’m cool.

Well it’s the thought right?

I’m sorry Holly, you didn’t deserve to live with me…

Merry Christmas everybody!



God bless us, everyone.

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