Welcome to Cyberspace!

Hello and welcome to my brand spankin’ new site. I’m Bex and this is me and my work in all our glory finally up and running on the magic of the interwebs.

For the purposes of introduction, I’m an illustrator and the aim of this explosion into cyperspace (and the 21st century…*ahem*) is to share with you lovely people the work I’ve been doing and will be doing as and when it pops into the chaotic emporium of junk that is my brain.

So, let’s recap where we are so far.

My time for the past few months has been tied up more or less with my most recent book, Tick. It’s a short story set in the kitchen of  a newly purchased 19th century townhouse where a mysterious steampunk robot is discovered. Although quite short, the story touches on ideas of purpose and self-worth as our little copper friend explores modern additions to the  kitchen top, becoming more and more aware of his redundancy in the modern world.

More importantly than that though, it’s about robots.

And because everybody loves robots, I recently brought the book to “the people” via the means of a book signing in Waterstones in Dorking (Surrey).

So as you can imagine, things have been pretty hectic getting posters and flyers made, printed and distributed in the surrounding areas.

They came out really nicely though thanks to the lovely Matthew Sugrim who had the task of advertising graphics thrown at him last minute!

The Book signing took place last Saturday (3rd Sep) and went brilliantly, selling 60 copies in just over 2 hours! I’m waiting on photos at the minute as to be honest I was so busy scribbling away I feel like I more or less missed the event!

Massive thanks goes out to everyone for their support, especially the kind souls at Waterstones who were not only friendly and inviting, but also kept me in good supply of tea.

The little graphic novel is still being sold in the Dorking Branch of Waterstones,and there are currently plans to extend further with more book signings and other fun stuff, so keep your eyes peeled and I’ll be keeping the world posted.


B x

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