Colourful Collecting and New Things!

I’ve been on twitter for a while. I haven’t been using it, but I have, technically  been on it. It was really just a bit of a hangover from a university module and following graduation it sat, un-utalised and gathering dust for a good, long time.

But the past few months, I’ve been breathing a bit of life into the sad blighter and have, as a result have actually managed to amass some followers. Not a showstopping amount, but you have to start somewhere right? Give me a bit of credit, I am, almost entirely, social-media illiterate.

Anyway, I’ve become a bit addicted to the little beasty in recent months. I follow illustrators, writers, design blogs and news sources and publishers. I follow publishers and children’s magazines. I follow picture book blogs and reviewers. I’ve basically created a news outlet tailored to me and immersed myself in the world I’ve always wanted to live in (thus almost entirely bypassing the real one.) I spend a long time scrolling through the feed, gathering all the brand new announcements from the world of picturebooks and feel genuinely more involved and up to date with the scene than ever.

While generally tweeting work and commenting on that of others has been a big part of this online networking business, I think a total turning point for me with it has only come about in the past month.

I’d been watching the #colour_collective movement from afar for a while, but decided to take the plunge and commit. It’s a weekly, twitter based challenge started by the talented mum-of-illustration, Penny Neville Lee. Each week, a colour is established and 19.30 GMT on the Friday, anyone that wants to get involved released their image utalising that weeks colour with the hashtag. It can be old, new, any theme, any subjects, just as long as it contains some link to the colour.

No pressure, no expectation, just people with passion sharing things they make.

I love it, it gives me the boost to make a new piece of non-work work every week. Four weeks in, and here are my offerings:

Deep Lilac with Colour Collective
Ocre Year of the Monkey
Cool Grey

It’s great fun, everyone is so nice about the work and there’s always one hell of a range to look at. It’s a digital gallery space and makes me warm and fuzzy on the inside 🙂

Friday night has become my favourite night of the week and yes, this does mean that I that I stay in and scroll about on my ipad instead of doing real life things, I am not ashamed. This is my life.

Plus I get to learn the names of all the specific colours. It’s like gaining a degree from Dulux.

Anyway, do check it out, it’s great fun and there’s no commitment required. Follow my colour collective adventures, and generally keep up to date with my doddly-goings on  @bagleybooks, or just stop by to see what it’s all about.

I can’t say I’ve really got this social media thing down, but I certainly feel I’m finding my feet. And just in time for the stocks to crash out of the bottom of it! Horray for timing!




New Stuff and Splashy Things

Having now officially started my degree at Bath Spa I can quite happily say I am loving life.

After the indescribable disappointment that was yesterdays one day project (in which I was caterpaulted against my will through the past few years of my art education, into the heart of GCSE) I returned today into the arms of my much missed and unceasingly rewarding secret lover; screen print.

Merely one morning in the print rooms spent priming my screen and I have already caught the art bug and get ready to descend on the world of BA hons, sketchbook in one hand and squeegie in the other. And I haven’t even put ink to page yet.

It’s been over a year since finishing my Foundation Diploma and the buzz of once more being issued a brief from someone who isn’t myself is beyond compare. The possibilities feel truly immeasureable and I’m looking forward to getting back on the project pony.

Needless to say, I’m in a pretty good mood and have chosen to celebrate by bringing you some ickle bits I’ve been doodling in recent days.

Bit o' reptile love never goes amiss.

Tortoise. Hare. Gouache. ‘Nuff said.

This one was the result of attempting work on my next graphic novel, in which the modern day is set against the 1800’s.

It’s a fun little idea I thought might be a nice doodle, finished off with a little watercolour.

Anyway, enough time wasted chatting to cyberspace, it’s off to the drawing board for this new project I should be doing!


B x