The Beautiful, Brave and Completely Beloved

Sometimes really shitty things happen to really wonderful people.

And sometimes these wonderful people are incredibly close to your heart, and you cannot help but become overwhelmed with a mixture of incomprehensible hatred for the injustice they’re suffering, through absolutely no fault of their own, and utter loss for the helplessness you feel.

It’s times like these, when it’s almost laughable how little you can do, that you turn to the littlest things you can do in the hope that it may put a smile on the face of the people you love, even in their darkest hour.

And it is laughable how small this gesture is, but when you remember how much they used to light up when they spoke about their dog, you hope perhaps a little hand drawn token, to remind them of those times of giggling on the grass in the park while they spluttered with laughter through their anecdote, may bring them something. Just enough to help them forget the pain and perhaps even for a little curve of a smile to appear for a split second. Just enough to remind them of the things they love and how loved they are in the hope it will help them to stay as strong as they have been.

We are all so, so proud of you. Get well soon man, Chester’s waiting for you and those stories aren’t going to tell themselves.

Love you, Mate.