A Project for a Lady

Men are pretty cool. They do things and make stuff and sometimes say things that make you think.

Some men are really awesome and make you appreciate things just by telling you what they think, and you stare and wish you had their knowledge in your head so you could think like that.

And, by the same token, some men are pretty lame. They destroy things or lie or do both and then pretend they haven’t. They get power hungry and selfish and manipulate a whole lot of people who don’t understand how small they are in comparison.

And there’s a whole load of women who are just as lame and just as corrupt and make choices that nobody else really likes, if they knew they had been made.

And then, by the same token, there are some really rad women. Women who also think differently and make you say things like “wow!”.

Women from the past like this lady:Mary Wollstonecraft

Women from, the slightly more recent past like these ladies:


Women from all over time, like these ladies:



And Women who make totally rad things that look totally bad ass and help progress understandings, like this thing.Donna-Shirley's-Mars-Rover

And some women do drawings of things for other women who really like cool women that have done stuff.

True Say.