Emotional Animal ABC gets its first customer review on Amazon!

I love the customer review function on Amazon. I use it all the time when I’m buying and researching things and I ESPECIALLY love it when it’s all about ME!

Having only gone live a short time ago, I’m super pleased to say that the very first (and I do hope not the last!) review has come in for the Emotional Animal ABC book I illustrated for the psychologist, Renee Jain, Published by GoZen Ltd.

It is SUPER positive and really is a great first response for the little book, so a huge well done to everyone involved (including me!) involved in the project! I really hope more people enjoy the book as much as our first fan did!

Read the full review here!

Illustrated Emotional Animal ABC now Available on Amazon!

Hello world!

I recently worked with a really great company, Go Strengths Ltd, on a project they were putting together to help young children identify with the emotional spectrum.

It was a wonderful project, written by the very talented child psychologist Renee Jain, whose work in the past has been designed  to help a number of children with various anxiety and emotional problems cope in their everyday lives.

This new project is a light hearted, illustrated introduction to the alphabet, using a  colourful menagerie of emotionally able creatures with original illustrations by yours truly!

Available on Amazon.com now!
Available on Amazon.com now!

The book is Renee’s own humorous and charming story, centered around the journey of a, rather unlucky ABC book, as it is passed from paw to claw, traveling through the entire alphabet. Each character embodies a new emotion, introducing young readers to the whole spectrum with full page illustrations drawn by moi.

Percy the Panicky Penguin
Percy the Panicky Penguin
Yen the Yearning Yak
Yen the Yearning Yak

The adventure is now available in paperback and on kindle via the magic of Amazon.com and was an absolute dream to work on. I wouldn’t hesitate to commend the wonderful work from the guys at Go Strengths Ltd and their wonderful cause and was really honored to be approached and involved in it.

Plus, it was seriously educational deal. Not only does it have the important task of providing children with an early platform to explore emotional complexity, but also taught me the meaning of xenial.

And I know know what an x-ray tetra is. Seriously, something for everyone.

Stay cool