Back into the Swing of Things

Well, I did it.

It was terrible but I did it. The Intended-for-Summer-but-Actually-only-Done-in-the-Early-Autumn-the-Night-Before-Hand-in-Project is officially handed in. It is done. Complete. Finito.

So now let’s all move on to happier times and embrace the start of a new year, banishing thoughts of irritatingly time consuming prior projects, and subsequently the guilt of not having done them, to the wind and beginning afresh.

I have a shiny, new project with lots of lovely potential and handfuls of doodles I intend to screen print, now that I, once again, have access to all the glorious facilities of institutionalised education. And boy, am I intending to make use of those. Not so much for school work obviously, that’s just not how I roll.

My desk is currently decorated with new time tables and other scraps of paper with various, scribbled information for the new year, as well as the usual half a rainforest that seems to materialise every September/October in the form of sheets and sheets of administrative information I either already know, or will never look at.

Yes, it is officially back to school time.

Let’s all celebrate with a completely unrelated drawing of a fox.


Bring on the new year! And with it, nice early bedtimes.



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