All Quiet on the Western Blog

This blog’s been a little sleepy recently, I’ll admit. And this post isn’t likely to be a particularly spectacular explosion back into the swing of things, just a quick one to apologise to anyone who might worry. So this one is for you, EVERYTHING IS OKAY. I am NOT sick, dead or in the throes of coping with the sudden, awkward degeneration and/or loss of my fingers or any other limb. I have not been kidnapped, abused or oppressed in any way and, most importantly, I haven’t lost my internet connection or stopped producing work. Oh no.

No, actually I’ve been working my little bum off in the build up to the end of year show. You’ll all be pleased to hear that I’m now finished with my graded work (I’ve officially passed my first year with a First! Which would be incredible…if the first year was at all graded…which it’s not) and have been sinking my time and efforts into our exhibition project.

As it’s late, I won’t go into to too much detail, but just though I’d pop by and throw up a picture for you to contemplate before I call it a night. The Project is “1912” and if you can work out what’s going on based on this, fairly obscure, image, I’ll take my hat off to you and give you a prize. Suggestions are welcome.

More is coming, I promise, including some more of that lovely printmaking I just won’t shut up about. Until then, here’s a Bat.

Over and Out



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