4 thoughts on “Wishmag

  1. Wow, I really am loving this illustration of yours!! The proportion of detail is extraordinary. I am happy to have found you via the reader’s list on WordPress and so now I am going to click follow 😉 Cannot wait to be updated via your new posts!

    1. Ah, no this very wonderful illustration on the front cover of Wish is NOT infact mine! I wouldn’t want to steal anyones thunder, my work is inside the magazine. I’m not sure who did this one but if you follow the links on the post, I’m sure they’ll direct you to the clever person that did!

      1. Haha, ok, the fashion drawing must have hypnotised me, it really is amazing! Oh yes that sounds great, I will be checking out the links from your blog. Also, I hope to get immersed in your creativeness from your blog – *on lookout for your stuff* 😉 I am also following. What great blog you have anyway.

      2. Oh wow well thank you very much! Both for the lovely comment and for following. Yes it is an eye catching image, and there will no doubt be plenty more of that kind of work inside the mag too. I’m glad you found my little blog and hope you find enjoyment in my work! Take care and keep reading!

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